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My name is María del Mar Castellano Sonera and I am a linguist and a sworn translator. My native language is Spanish.
I am a graduate in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada in Spain. I expanded my education with an MA in Linguistics at San Jose State University, CA, USA, which I carried out in the framework of a Fulbright Scholarship. I also hold an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Granada, Spain. In the field of translation, I am focused on the English-Spanish language combination, although I also provide services proof-reading and editing of texts in Spanish.

In 2009 I was appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a certified translator (“traductor jurado” in Spanish, or sworn translator), which enables me to produce sworn and certified translations, with full legal validity.

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Production of translations that are accepted by legal jurisdictions


Are you applying for a long-term visa to live in Spain? Do you plan to work, study or do some research in Spain? We can help you with your visa application and translate all the documents you need to submit: background checks, medical certificates, proof of insurance, birth certificates...


Do you want to pursue your studies abroad? Do you need to have your university degree officially recognized in Spain or in another country? Do you need a translation of your student's transcript and records? We provide sworn translations for all your academic certificates and diplomas.


Do you need to register the decease of a loved one in Spain? Do you need to translate a Last Will and Testament? Or maybe a Power of Attorney to carry out some proceedings? We can help you through these difficult times and have all your required paperwork officially translated.


Are you a foreigner getting married in Spain? You will probably need to have some of your personal certificates translated, such as your birth certificate or your certificate of marital status and residency. On the other hand, are you just married and need to translate your marriage certificate? We can help you with it.


Are you divorced and need to translate your divorce decree or settlement? Do you have some court decree to translate in order to submit it to some public administration in Spain or abroad? We can provide you with sworn translations for all your documents, always keeping them absolutely confidential.


We offer official, certified, sworn translations for documents and certificates such as police background checks, birth certificates, proof of income, proof of insurance, bank statements, tax revenue forms, lease contracts, work contracts, powers of attorney or legal and non-legal correspondence. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote!

Additional translation services

Translation Services for Digital Nomad Visas

Do you work online? Would like to move to Spain while keeping your job in your country of origin or working for clients abroad? Thanks to the Internet and to the new Digital Nomad Visa, this is a real option now!

Translation services for companies

Are you starting your business in Spain and need to translate some documents? Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Initial Consent of Action… We also offer services of translation and localization for websites.

Translation Services for Golden Visas

Are you an investor?
The Golden Visa is a special type of residence permit for citizens outside the EU who would like to make a significant investment in Spain. The minimum is €500,000 in the form of real estate, but there are other ways. Click here for more!

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I am recommending Maria del Mar Castellano Sonera for her translation services. I asked Maria to perform various translations for me for legal documents relating to my family’s estate in Spain, including several complex translations including a Universal Power of Attorney as well as various Trust documents and Apostilles from the State of California. During this effort, I found it very easy to work with her and the quality of the translations, including technical legal language and terminology, was excellent. She is very responsive and the timing of her translations was fast relative to other translation services which I engaged. Her pricing is reasonable and she was accommodating in my request to have documentation forwarded to my counsel in Spain. I would recommend Maria’s services without reservation. Should I ever need additional translation services again, I would use Maria again without looking for other translation services.


I cannot recommend Maria more highly. She is highly professional. The quality of her work is outstanding. Her attention to detail and communication are far above average. It is difficult to find more words of high praise. Use her – you will be very pleased.

Dayna Harp, USA

Maria was recommended by a friend of mine and she’s translated a number of documents for me from my birth certificate to college transcripts to my FBI background check and all of my Apostilles and I’ve always been satisfied with her work. Maria has always been professional and timely and I look forward to using her services the next time I need translations.

Michelle Marcoux, USA

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Everything you need to know about sworn translations in a short and precise manner


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Digital Nomad Visa

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Translation services for companies

We also offer translation services for companies, independently of their size and years of activity. The most highly demanded service is the translation and localization of […] Read More

Other legal documents

An official sworn translation is required when we want to submit our documentation to public bodies: Public Administration, Courts and Tribunals, Consulates and Embassies… As mentioned in […] Read More


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