Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual translation process for sworn translations?

  1. First, you need to email me the documents for translation. You can either scan them or take a good-quality picture of them.
  2. You will receive a translation quote within 24 hours and an estimated delivery time.
  3. Once you accept the quote, we start translating!
  4. When the translation is finished, you will receive it at your home or office by registered mail or courier.

Does the translator need to see originals of the documents to be translated?

No, I do not need to see the originals. I only need you to send me a scanned version of the documents – you can scan and email me your documents, or even take a picture of them with your mobile phone and send them to me. The image you send needs to be of good quality, so that I can clearly read the text and any seals or stamps.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer or by PayPal, whichever you prefer.

When you post the translations, how can I know when I will receive them?

I send all translations through a certified courier service that provides a tracking number. You can check online anytime exactly where your documents are and the estimated delivery date.

What does a “sworn translation” mean exactly ?

A sworn translation is an official translation certified by a sworn translator/interpreter, appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sworn translations bear the seal and signature of the sworn translator who certifies them, as well as the official certification formula established by current legislation (Royal Decree 724/2022 of August 4th). Public administrations, courts and tribunals only accept sworn translations.

How long do you need to translate my documents?

It depends on the number of documents you need to translate. To get an accurate estimate, please email me all your documents and let me know if you already have an appointment with the Consulate or with any other public administration.

My documents are confidential. Can I fully trust that they will be treated as such?

Yes. Your projects will be treated with the strictest confidence and no information will be disclosed to any third parties without your prior consent.


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    I need my background check and a letter from an insurance company translated. How long would that take? How much would it cost? I have an appointment at the consulate in September 6th. You are registered with the Ministry of foreign affairs of Spain?
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