Golden Visa

Spanish Golden Visa or Investor Visa to live in Spain

The Golden Visa or Investor Visa, approved by Law 14/2013 of the 27th of September, is addressed to non-EU nationals who would like to make a significant investment in Spain. This visa allows you to live and work in Spain but it also allows you to live abroad with the only requirement of visiting Spain once per year. With this visa, you can also get residency in Spain for your spouse and children.

There are four ways of obtaining a Golden Visa:

  • Purchasing a real-estate property worth more than €500,000.
  • Investing 2 or more million Euros in Spanish public debt.
  • Buying shares from a Spanish company, or having a bank deposit in a Spanish bank for over 1 million Euros.
  • Investing in a business project of “general interest” that will be developed in Spanish territory. This project must generate local employment, imply a significant scientific or technological development, or have a positive socioeconomic impact in the area where the project will be developed.