Translation of Research Papers

One area where translation services are essential to guarantee the quality of the final product is the field of research and innovation. Universities, research centers and innovation departments of big and small companies produce a huge amount of knowledge that should be made accessible to the whole world. To share this knowledge, we need to translate all this information into different languages.

Do you have a research paper that you would like to publish? Do you want to share your findings with the rest of the world?

In general, the scientific journals of highest impact factor are published in English. Thus, scientists and researchers need to translate their research findings into English to expand their reach. At this point, engaging the services of a professional translator and editor is key to ensure the highest quality of the final product: an academic text that meets the linguistic and stylistic requirements of the journal where we want to publish our findings. If the final text is not of the desired quality, the paper will be rejected and the opportunity of having research published in the chosen journal will be squandered – with all the consequences this may have on your career in research.

Similarly, sometimes it is desirable to translate journals and research papers published in English into Spanish, so that they are correctly understood and used in research, education and teaching.

There are also many high-impact journals in Spanish and, thus, it is useful to translate the research carried out in English into Spanish, so as to make it accessible to people who only speak Spanish.

Our translations are always reviewed by native linguists in the final language to ensure the high quality of the final text.





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